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60 Linden Rentals

60 Linden Rentals

Specialising in luxury budget accomodation within the Second Life Grid

60L Rentals
60 Linden Rentals
60Linden Rentals


Welcome to the original $60 Linden skybox rentals, the last remaining sections of the original business were taken over by Titchy's Dreams in early 2022 when the owner left Second life, they are now being rebuilt in a way that will mean this well known rental company has a new lease of life that will benefit of all their tenants past, present and future.

60 Linden Rentals have been active in Second Life since 2013 and to this day 60 Linden Skybox Rentals still do offer amazing rental skyboxes that will provide their tenants with a a very well designed home with great attention to details for that same inexpensive price of 60L.

Many tenants rentings today at 60 Linden Rentals have been tenants for many, many years and one of the origional 60 Lineden Rental managers Sukibombuki is still with the business today. Suki is very customer focused and helps with the running of the rentals, be sure to say hi to her if you see her out and about.

60 Linden Rentals offer high quality multiscene rental accomodation in Second Life at inexpensive cheap, low cost budget rates. 60L Rentals provide plenty of custom options and extra prims so that you may surround yourself with your perfect Second Life home

If you are looking for budget multiscene accommodation with that luxury feel that is as unique as you but with an inexpensive price then come and visit us today.

Don't be virtually homeless, join our friendly community right now and enjoy your lag-free place to stay.
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